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Book Cover Trends for 2024

Ready to dive into the book cover trend forecast of 2024? All about the vibes that are shaping the look of the next bestselling novel. From bold maximalist designs to the chill simplicity of symbolic objects and the timeless feels of retro and floral styles, 2024 is bringing them all. Join me in checking out the scoop on photo collages and the natural charm of botanical designs, unpacking the stories these covers are telling from the get-go. We're in for a ride through the cover art and design trends that'll be rocking the bookshelves this year. Whether you're a book lover, a design geek, self-published author, indie writer or an art director at publishers, get ready for some visual delights as we break down the artistic choices that will make your next book cover design even more exciting.


Maximalism is shaking up the book cover game, bringing in a burst of colour and a wild mix of visuals that flips the script on the whole "less is more" idea. Think of these covers like a crazy collage of illustrations, funky fonts, and bold patterns – a feast for your eyes. They're not holding back; instead, they're throwing in everything but the kitchen sink. Authors and publishers are digging this trend because it's a shout-out to the story's wild ride inside – no more hiding behind plain and simple covers. Maximalist book covers are like the party animals of the literary world, demanding attention and promising a rollercoaster of a read.

all design and artwork © Samantha Sanderson-Marshall

Forget the calm and collected vibe – maximalism in book covers is all about embracing the chaos and making some noise. The explosion of colours, crazy patterns, and a mishmash of graphic elements aren't just for show – they're telling you there's a whole bunch of stuff going on inside those pages. These covers are like a sneak peek into the story's vibrant and complex world, grabbing your eyeballs and refusing to let go. It's a rebellion against the idea that book covers should be subtle; instead, it's an invitation to dive headfirst into a visually stunning and mentally invigorating experience. Maximalist book cover design is like the rebel yells in a world full of whispers, making sure you can't ignore the awesome tales waiting to be devoured.


Silhouettes are the cool cats of book cover design, bringing in a slick and mysterious vibe that's all about saying a lot with a little. Picture this: a character's outline against a bold background, leaving you to fill in the details with your imagination. It's like a sneak peek without giving away the whole plot. Silhouette book covers are like the minimalist rebels, proving that you don't need a ton of details to make a statement. Authors and designers love this trend because it's all about sparking curiosity. Who's that shadowy figure, and what adventures are they getting into? It's an invitation to dive into the unknown with just enough mystery to keep you flipping those pages.

all design and artwork © Samantha Sanderson-Marshall

Step aside, in-your-face graphics – silhouettes are the understated heroes, creating a vibe that's more about what you don't see than what you do. The simplicity is the charm. These covers are like a visual tease, letting you fill in the blanks with your imagination. No need to spill all the beans; instead, it's about leaving room for readers to make their connections. Silhouette book cover design is like the intriguing whisper in a world full of loud announcements, enticing you to pick up that book and uncover the secrets hidden within the shadows.

Symbolic Object-based

Imagine book covers that speak volumes without saying a word – that's the magic of symbolic object-based designs. Instead of showcasing characters or scenes, these covers zoom in on a single powerful object, dripping with symbolism. It's like a visual shortcut, capturing the essence of the story in one striking image. Whether it's a key, a compass, or a vintage camera, these objects aren't just props – they're loaded with meaning. Authors and designers are jumping on the symbolic object bandwagon because it's all about distilling the story's core into a single, impactful image, leaving readers intrigued and ready to unravel the narrative behind that carefully chosen item.

all design and artwork © Samantha Sanderson-Marshall

Say goodbye to the clutter – symbolic object-based book covers are the minimalist rockstars, proving that less can be so much more. A lone object takes center stage against a backdrop, inviting readers to decode its significance. It's like a visual puzzle, challenging you to connect the dots between the object and the unfolding tale. These covers are a departure from the obvious, letting the symbolism do the talking and leaving room for readers to interpret and engage with the narrative on a deeper level. Symbolic object-based book cover design is like the quiet genius in a world full of flashy performances, coaxing you to pick up that book and discover the profound stories woven around a seemingly simple item.


Retro-style illustrations on book covers are like a rad blast from the past, throwing it back with some seriously cool vibes. Think groovy colors, funky fonts, and a sprinkle of nostalgia that instantly transports you. It's not just about the story inside; these covers are a visual time machine, giving you a taste of the good ol' days. Authors and designers are digging this trend because it's like slapping a vintage filter on a book – it's classic, it's fun, and it's got that easygoing charm that makes you want to grab a copy and dive into a world where disco balls and cassette tapes were the real MVPs.

all design and artwork © Samantha Sanderson-Marshall

Skip the high-tech fuss – retro-style illustrations are the chilled-out rebels, bringing back the days when everything was a bit more laid-back. These covers aren't about flashy graphics; they're all about capturing that retro feel with whimsical drawings and a dose of old-school coolness. It's like stumbling upon a hidden gem in your grandma's attic but in book form. Retro-style illustration book covers are the low-key cool kids on the block, making you want to kick back, relax, and enjoy a story that's as timeless as a good old vinyl record.

Botanical and Floral

Botanical and floral design book covers are like a breath of fresh air, bringing the outdoors right onto your shelf. Picture lush greenery, vibrant blooms, and delicate petals – it's an instant connection with nature that's both calming and inviting. These covers aren't just pretty; they're a visual escape, transporting you to a world where every page is a walk through a blooming garden. Authors and designers are jumping on the botanical bandwagon because, well, who can resist the charm of a book that looks like a floral masterpiece? It's like nature's saying, "Hey, take a literary stroll with us."

all design and artwork © Samantha Sanderson-Marshall

No need for fancy gimmicks – botanical and floral design book covers are the down-to-earth darlings, celebrating the beauty of simplicity. These covers ditch the drama for a more organic approach, featuring elegant illustrations of flowers, leaves, or branches that set the perfect mood for the story inside. It's like having a little piece of nature tucked into your reading nook. Botanical and floral book covers are the unpretentious friends in your book collection, whispering promises of a story that's as delightful and refreshing as a blooming garden in full swing.

Photo Collage

Photo collage book covers are like a visual puzzle that grabs your attention and invites you to piece together the story in a snapshot. Imagine a mash-up of images, each capturing a moment or an aspect of the narrative. It's a cool mix of visuals that gives you a taste of what's inside without giving away all the secrets. Authors and designers are getting on board with this trend because it's like distilling the essence of the book into a visual montage. It's not just about a single striking image; it's about the collective impact of a carefully curated collage that leaves you intrigued and ready to delve into the narrative jigsaw.

all design and artwork © Samantha Sanderson-Marshall

Forget about the overly polished vibes – photo collage book covers are the real-life storytellers, capturing the raw and diverse emotions within the pages. These covers ditch the staged perfection for a more authentic feel, weaving together snapshots that might seem unrelated at first glance but come together to tell a compelling tale. It's like flipping through a photo album, each image holding a piece of the story that, when combined, creates a rich and immersive reading experience. Photo collage book covers are the down-to-earth buddies on your bookshelf, promising a narrative as multifaceted and captivating as the snapshots on their covers.

What trend for 2024 book covers is your favourite?

  • Maximalism

  • Silhouettes

  • Symbolic Objects

  • Retro and Vintage Inspired

You can vote for more than one answer.

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