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book cover artwork & Design

Hello! Welcome to Smash Designs Books, where your stories get a visual makeover that's as unique as your words. I'm Samantha Sanderson-Marshall, the creative mind behind the magic of book covers that not only look beautiful, but sell your book.

Picture this: a world where your story not only lives on pages but leaps out from the cover, grabbing readers by the imagination. If you're an indie writer, a self-published author, or a publisher with an eye for standout designs, you're in the right spot.

What makes Smash Designs your go-to for Book Covers?

🎨 Art that Speaks Volumes: Dive into a collection of bespoke artwork that captures the very soul of your narrative.

✒️ Typography that Stands Out: Elevate your book cover with fonts that not only tell but enhance the visual vibe, making your story unmissable.

📚 Designs Tailored to You: Whether you're publishing poetry, romantasy, or dark academia, my designs are crafted to resonate with your readers.


Join the long list of happy previous clients: Many of writers have already witnessed the storytelling transformation my designs bring. Be part of a community that knows a killer book cover is the secret handshake to a reader's heart.

Your search for the perfect book cover designer ends here: Ready for a journey where your imagination meets my design mojo? Let's craft a book cover that's not just a cover but a visual introduction to your literary world.

Keen to make your story visually irresistible? Dive into my portfolio, and let's chat about how we can make your book cover as unforgettable as the story within. Your words deserve to shine, and I'm here to make sure they do!

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